A Safe Alternative:
Operator and passenger safety is the highest priority.

Keeping you and your fleet safe is the most important thing to all propane autogas providers including Propane AutoGas LLC.

Propane is a domestically produced, well-established fuel that has been fueling automobiles since 1913. Like gasoline, propane is considered a safe motor fuel by the federal government.

Autogas is a safe, proven alternative fuel. More than 23 million vehicles worldwide operate on propane autogas. Thousands of school buses and taxi cabs across the U.S. are already safely fueled by autogas.

Less Flammability

For propane to ignite, it must reach 940 degrees. Gasoline’s ignition temperature is 430-500 degrees. A popular misconception of propane is that it is an unstable fuel, but according to the Propane Education and Research Council, “among alternative fuels, propane autogas has the narrowest flammability range.”

Accident Resistant

Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline or diesel tanks. Lab testing states that “Propane vehicles and their respective fueling systems are designed to perform safely during both normal operations and crash events. A pressure release device is designed to release propane gas if pressure rises in the tank.”

Reduced Exhaust and Smog

Propane’s exhaust creates 60% to 70% less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “Children riding inside of a diesel school bus may be exposed to as much as 4x the level of toxic diesel exhaust as someone standing or riding beside it.”

“At Propane AutoGas LLC we are focused on providing superior levels of service for our customers!”







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