Maintenance and Performance Efficiency

Propane autogas saves more money on maintenance in more efficient ways when compared to diesel, gasoline, and electric vehicles.

Maintenance & Downtime
Time is money. Compared to other alternative fuels, propane maintenance is low. For example, powering a fleet with electricity cuts back on emissions just like propane, but it is much more costly to maintain the infrastructure of electric vehicles. The propane engines meet or exceed emission standards with a less complex engine than many diesel trucks.

Compared to other standard fuels, maintenance for propane vehicles is cheap and relatively easy. Propane autogas engines require less oil by volume than diesel engines, resulting in less preventative maintenance costs throughout a vehicle’s lifespan, according to the Propane Education and Research Council. Meanwhile, gasoline-fueled vehicles run the risk of fuel degradation and increased engine wear.

Converting to propane autogas is an easy transition for fleets and maintenance crews. Check out this General Fleet Maintenance Brochure – Transforming Fleet Maintenance for the Better produced by PERC.

Propane autogas is proven to drive the lowest total cost-of-ownership for fleets of any fuel. It’s due in large part to low maintenance and infrastructure costs, including those for garaging and maintenance facilities.