Information for Bus Owners

Mesa Public Schools turned to propane autogas as a cost-effective, cleaner solution for powering its school buses. The installation of refueling infrastructure was ahead of schedule and included training for the buses’ mechanics and drivers.

With 89 propane-autogas-powered buses in its fleet, Mesa Public Schools estimates it has reduced a significant amount of greenhouse emissions.

From a financial standpoint, propane autogas and its infrastructure also delivered a strong return on investment for the schools.

In the first year of use, the district saved enough money to recoup the cost of the tank. The district expects that — as it continues to add more propane autogas buses — the payback will be even faster.

“In addition to the environmental impact we looked at the financial aspect too. We could install a natural gas refueling station for $1.5 million or we could put in a propane AutoGas station for $300,000.”

Ron Latko
Director of Transportation
Mesa Public Schools