Federal Grants and Tax Incentives

Federal, state, and regional agencies often offer different grant or loan programs to encourage the transition to propane. Many grants and incentives are created to help facilitate the costs of the initial conversion process, whether that be for station equipment, vehicle conversion, or other costs. You can read more about some of the programs offered below.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Like grants, federal, state, and regional agencies will sometimes put together incentives to complement and reward the conversion to alternative fuels. Some incentives and rebates can be applied yearly, and some are limited-time opportunities that have a due date. Explore the links  below to find current programs available.

Federal & State Fleet Conversion
Grant/Loan Programs

Indiana Laws and Incentives for Alternative Fuels

The U.S. Department of Energy provides a list of incentives and resources for fleets looking to convert to propane and other sources.  You can explore the Indiana options on their website.  

Ohio Resources 

Michigan Resources 

Incentives Programs

Get more information on Alternative Fuel Vehicle Laws and Incentives on Dept of Energy website.  

Incentive programs are often available for converting to propane. You can find information on these programs at Propane.com.