Grant Support

State and Federal Grants are available for environmental fleet and agricultural improvement that involve migrating to the efficient use of propane. The application process can be intimidating so our company works with experts in the grant writing field to assist companies in navigating these waters.  

Dekalb County Central United School District received a 2020 DERA grant to replace five more of its diesel school buses with propane autogas school buses. Propane AutoGas LLC provides the propane fueling infrastructure and supplies the propane fuel for the Dekalb County Central United School District’s propane fleet.

Propane AutoGas, LLC also provided grant support to the Dekalb County Central United School District through its partnership with a grant-writing team. Propane AutoGas LLC provides full-service support for your fleet conversion to propane.

After the DeKalb County buses were decommissioned the local Fire Department practiced extraction tactics as seen in the photos on this page.

If you would like more information on how you can begin to convert your fleet to propane fuel and enjoy the many benefits including cost-savings, clean fuel, and reduced maintenance costs, contact one of our Propane AutoGas LLC fleet representatives today.


Auburn Fire Department- Practice Extraction

The DeKalb County Central United School District has a collaborative relationship with the safety forces in DeKalb County. In partnership with the Auburn Fire Department, prior to destruction, the five decommissioned buses were used for “extraction training” by firefighters of the Auburn Fire Department. Supporting the training
of local safety, forces keep the children of the DeKalb school district safer. 

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