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Start saving money right away when you switch fuels with Propane AutoGas

More Savings

An investment in Propane AutoGas leads to considerably lower life-cycle vehicle costs for fleets. Diesel, gasoline, and other alternative fuels burden budgets with costly infrastructure and maintenance demands.

Easy Refueling

Unlike conventional fuels, Propane AutoGas provides an affordable infrastructure solution for fleets that need a central refueling location. Personal vehicle owners can also enjoy the growing number of Propane AutoGas Stations. There are Propane AutoGas refueling stations in every state, with more opening every day.

Efficient Fuel

Propane AutoGas delivers better performance for each dollar invested. When you take advantage of potential government tax incentives, the payback period on Propane AutoGas investments is even shorter. Propane AutoGas is also better for your vehicle, with an octane rating of 104 (gasoline 87-93), vehicles are proven to last 2-3 years longer and require less frequent oil changes.

Proven Technology

Fleets and personal vehicle owners can choose from a wide variety of OEM-supported vehicles that are EPA- and CARB-certified. Many provide equal horsepower, torque, and towing capacity to conventional versions of the same models.

Drive Green While Saving Green

Propane AutoGas is an economical approach to significantly lower harmful emissions. Vehicles fueled by Propane AutoGas emit 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than vehicles running on gasoline. Propane AutoGas also cuts smog producing hydrocarbons by up to 70%.

Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.

Choosing vehicles that run on American-made Propane AutoGas reduces dependence on foreign oil and keeps jobs at home. With more than 90% of propane production coming from domestic natural gas, the United States is producing enough of its own propane to exceed customer demand.

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